I mean, I can live with a man who says ‘irregardless’.
I’d prefer that over ‘conversate’
— Shannon J.

decisions, decisions.

how do you decide between two near-perfect men with cringe-worthy flaws?


that’s the essence of man of your dreams: the game.

knowing that dating is an adventure in which you’re bound to find a number of dealbreakers, how do you decide which dealbreaker is truly a dealbreaker?

play the game to find your line in the sand.

We recommend that you enjoy the game with an open heart and an open mind.

Candor and comedy should also be guiding forces; the rest of the rules are up to you.

I dated a man who had Japanese cherry blossom everything...
and I don’t wanna talk about it

press play

snippet of #MOYD LIVE




Get a total of three to seven good girl friends together, some age-appropriate cocktails, and some honesty.


Each player draws one DREAM card which describes their dream man for the rest of the game.

Each player then draws two DEALBREAKER cards. One player at a time must read both dealbreakers aloud and decide upon the one dealbreaker that they’re willing to live with.


Collectively, the group decides who’s the most openhearted based upon the dealbreakers you’re willing to consider.

The most openhearted wins the game (and arguably in life too, right?!).